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Hugh A. Parker

Hugh A. Parker
Served in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment. See notes below.
Parker, Hugh A.
Birth: 19 AUG 1829 Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: 27 MAR 1902 Rabun Co., Ga.
Military Service: 19 MAY 1862 1st Lt., Caney Fork Co., 113th Reg., 28th NC Militia
Event: Fact 16 APR 1862 Confederate Conscription Act
Event: Church membership BET 19 AND 20 JUL 1845 Received into Caney Fork Baptist Church
Census: 1860 Jackson co., N.C.
Census: 1880 Rabun Co., GA.
Census: 1900 Rabun Co., GA.
          Father: Parker, John R.
First Marriage: 29 SEP 1855 in Jackson Co., N.C.
9-29-1855 Hugh A. Parker Mary Hawkins BN Queen, BM
            Hawkins, Mary 
            Birth: 1833 NC
            Gender: Female
                         Father: Hawkins, Abner 
                         Mother: , Louisa
Parker, M. J.
Birth: 1853 NC
Gender: Male
Parker, Julius J.
Birth: 1856 NC
Gender: Male
Parker, William B.
Parker, D. M.
Birth: 1859 NC
Gender: Male
Parker, L. E.
Birth: 1861 NC
Gender: Female
Parker, Dorothy
Birth: 1865 NC
Gender: Female
Parker, Elihu P.
Parker, Madora A.
Birth: 29 SEP 1869
Death: 16 AUG 1888 Rabun Co., Ga.
Gender: Female
Parker, Mary L.
Birth: 1872
Gender: Female


Second Marriage: 3 OCT 1872 in Jackson Co., N.C.

10-3-1872 at BL Watson's Hugh A. Parker, 40 Martha J. Parker, 40, of Georgia Lewis Queen, BM, wit: RL Watson


Parker, Martha J.
Birth: 1832
Gender: Female

Muster Record for American Civil War: Parker, H. A. and Parker, Hugh A.. He is also listed on several other Civil War documents.

62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment